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along the way yoga

Breath for you, breath for your baby


prenatal yoga

learn breathing techniques and yoga poses to connect with your baby and prepare for labour. prenatal yoga is a great practice that can be done during pregnancy even with no previous experience. postpartum recovery can be easier if you regularly stretch your body and have a good breathing practice

parent & baby yoga

gentle stretching and breathing on the mat while your baby follows your movements or practices some of their own stretching. (happy baby pose or baby cobra!)

classes on monday mornings will welcome

babies of all ages

classes wednesday morning will be for

not yet crawling infants 

alyse yoga.jpg

release & flow

find your breath and flow with meditative movement. for those who have never done yoga before or for those looking to build a stronger yoga foundation. this class will focus on inhaling ease and exhaling tension.

1 class pass $15 per class
10 class pass $135 ($13.50 per class)
monthly unlimited $80

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