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I'm Jenn! My doula journey began after the birth of my son in 2014. Everything about his birth went exactly the opposite of what I'd planned and dreamt of & I was hung up on how unsupported I felt through the whole process. Something was missing. I discovered the role of a doula and I knew I'd found my calling. Birth doesn't always go according to your plans but that doesn't mean it can't be an empowering, positive birth experience. I believe the secret to this lies in the way you feel while you're in labour, who you choose to have in your birth environment and how respected you are when making decisions about your birth.
I chose to take on the role of a doula so that I could be that calm, supportive, non-judgmental presence for you (and your partner) on the day you accomplish the most powerful thing in your life. BIRTH!!  In labour you need to feel safe, supported and nurtured and your support people need to understand the importance of this.  For it greatly impacts labour progression and emotional health of everyone involved. 

Your doula shouldn't want to save you from your birth. She should support you and encourage you to advocate your birth choices. Your doula should hold your birth space sacred and be a part of a birth team that witnesses the process and your strength in the moment! She should anticipate your needs before you ask for anything. She should help you find your strength and encourage you to trust your body and your intuition. She should feel honoured and privileged to be with you.  I'm not only here to show up and support the informed choices you make in pregnancy & labour. I'm here to help you discover a power you have within you!

As an Emergency and Maternal Child Registered Nurse, certifying as a doula was the perfect compliment to that work. I finished my certification in February of 2017 and have been helping families make a smooth transition to parenthood ever since. I am also a breastfeeding counsellor and am currently taking my Lactation Consultant Education Course! I am most passionate about helping people have the most informed & empowered pregnancy and birth experience. I am also a strong advocate for surrounding yourself with support and building your 'village'.
I live for a good hot yoga class, a summers evening run, weekends off, going for waterfront bike rides and picnics with my family and of course getting 'the call' to go to a birth! I also love a good glass of red wine or a cup of tea and catching up with friends. I'd love to be a part of your village! Text or email me anytime! 
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