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I'm Jenn,
Your Doula,

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Congratulations, you're having a baby! Maybe you've been floating on cloud nine since you saw two lines or maybe you're scared, overwhelmed AF and can't stop throwing up...either way, isn't pregnancy so magical!?

In the coming months, you'll be making a lot of choices and preparing for birth. I'm here to support those choices and to help you become more informed & confident. I help you learn all of your options and create a birth plan so that you can OWN your pregnancy, birth & postpartum! It is important to be as informed as possible with appropriate, up to date, evidence-based information well before labour. 

The day you give birth to your baby will be one of the most important and impactful days of your life. With me, you'll remember the day as one where you felt supported, courageous & like the badass you are. A positive birth doesn't necessarily have to be an unmedicated birth, it just needs to be from an informed, prepared place without fear.  Your birth choices are important and should be highly regarded by your birth team. 

What the heck is a Doula?

Aside from me being your biggest hype girl, a Doula is a trained & experienced birth professional who supports pregnancy, childbirth and the sacred postpartum time. I provide many different kinds of support -from the waist up. I do not perform any medical tasks. I do not replace your spouse/partner. In fact my goal is to bring the two of you closer together.


A doula is an integral part of your birth team. I support your birth with a midwife, OB, at home, in hospital, vaginal or cesarean section.


All births are beautiful and when in labour you need to feel supported and empowered in your birth choices. I know you're strong enough to advocate your birth choices and I'll be there with you when you do. When in labour, you should know your options, feel and be supported and most of all feel and be respected. 



Birth is the most sacred journey you will take.

It is the most incredible authentic power to witness.

It is something to be respected.

We must decide to take back birth and know our power.

Then we can begin to respect the process

and experience every birth on an incredibly connected level.  


Image: Spirit y Sol





  • Unlimited support via text throughout your pregnancy

  • Information, support & birth plan assistance to help you OWN your birth!


  • Unlimited support via text throughout your pregnancy, labour & 1 month postpartum.

  • Ask questions, get research based information, support and gain confidence in yourself to rock your labour

  • Learn ways your partner can give you the physical support you may need in labour




  • Free initial consultation over zoom or FaceTime​​

  • 1-2 prenatal virtual or in person meetings

  • Support via text throughout your pregnancy

  • Unlimited support via text/video during your labour

  • Postnatal virtual or in person visit client depending!




  • Free initial consultation

  • Prenatal visit(s)

  • Support throughout pregnancy (phone/text)

  • Continuous support during labour and birth & up to two hours after birth

  • 1 postnatal visit*

  • Access to my full lending library

  • See below for birth pool rentals *for an additional cost

Initial Consultation: This is an interview to determine whether my services would be a good fit for you! I will leave a copy of my contract with you to go over with your partner. Absolutely no commitments need to be made at this time.

Your investment includes!...

Prenatal visit (1-2 hours): We will go over your birth preferences together and I will share information and resources! My care is always catered to your specific individual needs. An in depth preferences 'plan' can be created.  We will go over and practice different comfort measures, positions and techniques that we can use during your birth. There is also time saved for a postpartum/newborn care plan. 

For Your Birth: I will be on call 24 hours a day starting at 38 weeks and up until your delivery.  I will remain with you or available virtually for your labour and birth and up to two hours after your baby is born. I can assist with breastfeeding and other tasks to allow you and your partner to bond with your new baby and answer any questions in those first hours.

Postnatal visit (2-4hours):  Within the first few days, I will come to your home for a visit or schedula a virtual call. During this visit I can assist with breastfeeding, discuss your birth experience, discuss how you're coping with newborn care, make sure you have any resources you may need.  We can plan further postpartum care if you would like to utilize my postpartum services. (More information available upon request) 

*Additional postpartum appointments can be added! 


One of the best investments you can make is having extra support in the early postpartum period. Allowing yourself time to heal and bond with your new baby while leaving the extra 'stuff' to others. Imagine what you could get done if you could clone yourself and give them instructions! Laundry, light meal preparation, light housework, organizing, bottle and/or breastfeeding support, baby care basics, the list goes on! These hours are scheduled day or night to meet you and your family's specific, individual needs. 

Rates for postpartum hours are $30 per hour during the day and $35 per hour between 10pm & 8am. There is a minimum of 4 consecutive hours per shift *booked in advance for daytime shifts and 6 consecutive hours for overnight booked shifts


Water is a wonderful way to relive some of the intensity of labour.  If you think about a time where you've felt discomfort or pain, when you've been really tired, or when you felt physically fatigued, slipping into a warm bath or shower helps to relax you, and relieve your discomforts. Water simply makes us feel better. It can leave us feeling energized, as if the water has washed away our stress and pain. By facilitating movement, privacy, and emotional and physical relaxation it can reduce the length of labor by encouraging the release of labour hormones and reduces the risk of interventions such as synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin), epidural and assisted birth.​


Some of the benefits of labouring in water are:

  • Reduced pressure; especially if you're experiencing back labour 

  • Increased relaxation

  • Buoyancy, helps women to feel lighter & facilitates easier position changes                           

  • Helps reduce stress hormones that increase pain                                                                                   

  • Immersion in water can help reduce anxiety related hypertension                                                           

  • Reduced risk of episiotomy and tearing                                                                                                           

  • Can help facilitate the fetal ejection reflex                                                                  

  • Encourages relaxation of the pelvic floor                                                                                                         

  • Reduces inhibition and anxiety by creating a feeling of privacy allowing a mother to better listen to her natural birthing instincts and work with her body                                                                                 

  • Encourages a more gentle arrival and transition for baby from womb to your arms


This includes use of the La Bassine tub for a period of 2 weeks before your due date and up until you deliver. A hose for filling and emptying the tub, hose adaptors and an air pump to inflate the tub.

A liner must be purchased and used during your use of the pool. One can be purchased HERE for $50 plus tax and shipping.

Pick up or delivery of the pool and supplies can be arranged. 



what past clients are saying


I had many fears about giving birth to my second child. Jenn was there to support me, validate me and reassure me. The nurse placed my daughter on the warmer due to concerns she looked pale & had a low temperature after she was born. Jenn encouraged us to advocate for skin to skin and it wasn't long before she began to turn pink and the next temp was within the normal range! Having her there was invaluable to us! I truly can't thank her enough. ~ Laura 


Hiring Jennifer for my home birth was the best decision I could have made for my family. She was so calming and attentive. She was a wonderful complement to my spouse and midwives.  If I have another, I will certainly be hiring her again! ~ Alicia

I couldn't eat, I could barely drink and I was exhausted but I still felt empowered and encouraged. I am 100% sure that the only reason I was able to labour through 27 hours without pain medication is because of Jen. Working with her was an amazing, empowering experience from start to finish. I am truly grateful for the support and I would highly recommend her to anyone preparing to have a child. ~ Jamie

I am BEYOND thankful that she was there. Jennifer encouraged my husband to participate in the birth and gave him guidance on how to support me. I can’t speak highly enough of her as a person and as a doula. If I was to have another child, she would be on my birth team, no questions asked.

Thank you Jenn xo ~Layne

She supported each decision I made during labour, made me feel respected and safe, and was a constant support to both my husband and I. Jen provided support both physically and emotionally from the moment labour started, until our sweet boy was in our arms. Thank you Jen for opening my eyes to what birth can be- a positive and empowering experience. ~Jeenie

Jennifer is such an open-minded, nurturing, genuine, and positive person. You instantly feel at ease with her. Jennifer played a pivotal role in achieving my VBAC, something I am forever grateful to her for. Not only is Jennifer amazing in supporting you in your labour, she is truly the most lovely person and will make you feel so confident in your birth! Thank you Jennifer, from the bottom of my heart!  ~ Krysta

The end of my labour is a sweaty blurry memory – but what I do remember is her completely non-invasive, calm presence through it all. Her support and guidance, combined with that of my midwives and family all wove together to create a beautiful birth experience – and allowed me to welcome my gorgeous girl Ivy into the world exactly as I had hoped. ~ Ellie 


Her knowledge of labouring positions not only helped me to get through the pain, but I feel also helped my labour to progress quickly. She helped me deal with the stress and anxiety I initially felt. In the end, I am so happy that I was able to deliver my son naturally, it was the most empowering experience of my life! 

~ Nicole 

She was constantly motivating me and keeping things positive. In the hospital she was there for me every minute and kept me informed as to what my options were. She encouraged and was kind and supportive when I decided I needed an epidural. She took a lot of the fear out of childbirth and allowed me to stay in the moment. She was an amazing and I am so glad we hired her!  ~ Kayla

"When my wife first mentioned the idea of having a doula I was a bit skeptical. If not for Jenn, I think our whole experience might have been much different.  The many tricks she had to ease the pain were priceless. It is hard to describe how important having Jenn was but I would never do it any other way. My advice to you, coming from the guy's point of view: HIRE JENNIFER AS YOUR DOULA!" ~ David



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